Call Center Spoof is Full of Lessons

It wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so true. The video below first appeared on Belgium television in January 2011. Expand the description to read the story. If you can’t see the English captions, toggle the text bubble in the control panel.

So darn funny; it’s also pitch-perfect.  The creators managed to spoof almost every call center frustration. Who hasn’t been on the receiving end of an experience like this?

And if you’re the one with the call center? How many of the spoofed mistakes are you making by focusing on marketing or internal operational “efficiency” instead of what your customer actually needs in order to get help?

These basic questions just scratch the surface of what it takes to provide a good customer service experience. See how your answers stack up:

  • Do you train (and  monitor) Level 1 customer service reps (CSRs) on how to enter information into your system so that basic information and the customer’s story is clear to others to whom the customer may be transferred?
  • Do all CSRs, including management, have EASY access to the ongoing call record, so they actually refer to it?
  • Do you provide an easy way for the customer (or in the case of the video, the non-customer) to be identified in the system? One that doesn’t require a company-internal number?

Not to mention your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system –

  • Have you made choices specific instead of vague? And is there a clear option when none of the choices are a fit?
  • Can a customer reach a live person before becoming frustrated out of his/her mind?

So take 10 minutes and sit back and laugh. But if the video resembles your customer service in any way, you’re inadvertently driving customers away. You might want to do something about that!

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